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The Tadcaster Circuit Vision and Mission Statement

The Vision of the Tadcaster circuit is to enable churches to:
1. Grow the numbers of people brought into a new or deeper relationship with God.
2. Engage with the life of the community as an active partner.
3. Provide a worship environment in which all can thrive and grow.

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The Mission

The Mission of the Tadcaster circuit is to effectively use its resources of personnel, finance and property, to enable individual churches to meet their full potential.

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The Means (How do we get there?)

The Tadcaster Circuit will commit to:
– Enabling local churches to recognize the base from which they will grow by providing the required tools.

– Responding to the situation and requirements of each and every church in the circuit.

– Enabling individual churches to play their full part in the District and Connexion.

Where might this be demonstrated?
Offering training
Safe recruitment
Building healthy communications
Encouraging ecumenical links
Recognizing and enabling individuals with
particular gifts and graces to fulfill their potential
Mutual support and encouragement

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